How to redeem your code

Thank you for purchasing a voucher for one of our courses!

Here's how to make use of that voucher code.

1. If you're not already there, go to our website and click on 'Redeem' on the main menu at the top. 

2. Paste or type your code into the field on screen and click 'Redeem Voucher'.

This will take you to the shopping cart page, with the course(s) your voucher is valid for, with your code successfully applied.

3. Then click on check 'Proceed to checkout' 

4. To complete the redemption process you will need to be logged in. Just enter your details if you already have an account with Skillsology, or register (link at the bottom) if you're new to our site. 

5. Once logged in, please fill in the required fields. After completing the form, scroll all the way down and click on 'Sign Up Now'.

6. this will take you your Order details. Please click on the button Dashboard which will take you to your courses.



7. Please make sure you have the courses on your dashboard by clicking on View all courses button:

When the page loads with a confirmation message, click on the 'My courses' button to get to your course dashboard. You can also access your information by clicking on 'My Courses' at the top right when logged in.

Note: If you are having issues with a voucher code, please send us an email with a copy (or screenshot) of the voucher.

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